Below you will find some feedback from our students


Primary level units:

  • it was lots of fun!!  (girl – 9)
  • Keep up with the experiments I LOVE them! Especially the balloon experiment it was really fun!  (girl – 10)
  • I really had fun thank you. I can’t wait to do the next one. (boy – 10)
  • I’m really looking forward to doing more stuff with you! I absolutely loved this fungi session! THANKS!!! (girl – 9)
  • I’ll be upset to leave the lessons and my new friends on this online course, I like it so much that I might be doing one again next year. (girl – 11)


Junior level units:

  • I really liked doing this science unit and I hope I can do it next term! 🙂 (boy – 12)
  • I liked how encouraging and helpful the teachers were. (girl – 13)
  • I really enjoy these courses, they are well done. (girl – 12)
  • Thank you so much for the awesome lesson! I really enjoyed it (boy – 11)
  • This has been sooooooooooooooooooooo much fun some of it was hard but mostly interesting I have learned lots of new things and I can’t wait to start again next term! (girl – 11)


Senior level units:

  • It was very well set up. It was really interesting as well. I never knew that radiation was so dangerous. (boy – 11)
  • Thanks for the class, i really enjoyed it 🙂 (boy – 15)
  • I LOVED this entire course, I’m so glad I did it!! I learned so much, and it really helped build my confidence. You are such an amazing teacher, your comments are so encouraging and positive. – Thank you so much!! (girl – 14)


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